Menu in english


House salad
salad, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, blue cheese and cream cheese with chef´s basil dressing 8 €

Common whitefish tart
smoked whitefish braised in cream with leeks, salad with parmesan on top of puff pastry with cherry tomatoes and basil dressing 8 €

Soup of the house
Roasted red pepper and tomato, chick peas on the bottom and basil on top 8 €


Fish & Chips
beer battered fish, hand cut chips, green peas, tartar sauce and lemon 12 €

Cheese & Bacon burger
160 gram beef patty, bacon, pepper jack cheese, mustardmayo, salad, tomato, gerkins and french fries 12 €

Chicken burger
chicken, mustardmayo, salad, tomato, gerkins and french fries 12 €

Caesar salad
chicken or cheese, salad, cucumber, tomato, croutons and caesar dressing 12 €

Creamy meat stew
beef, pork, creamy peppersauce, potato mash and diced beetroot and gerkins 14 €

chickpea vegetable curry, rice, naanbread, coriander ond tikka masala yogurt 14 €

fennel, rosemary, oregano, parmesan, white wine and rice 16 €

Pork cheek risotto
braised pork cheek, rosemary, oregano, parmesan, whitewine and rice 19 €

180 gram steak, hand cut chips, green peppercorn sauce and honey roasted vegetables 22 €

pike-perch panfried in butter, buttercapersauce with lemon, mash potatoes and honey roasted vegetables 24 €


Chocolate cake chocolate, truffle and coffeemascarponequennel 8 €

Ball of ice cream chocolate or vanilla 3 € / scoop

Sauce caramel or strawberry 1 € / flavour